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Food, Mood and Wellbeing

Exploring the fascinating relationship between diet, health and behaviour, this course is as relevant to staff as it is to service users and clients. 

Food for Thought

Historically it was believed that the brain was in charge of our decisions, behaviour and mood but research increasingly points towards the gut being one of the most powerful players when it comes to determining internal wellbeing. Previous attendees have said that this course made them 're-evaluate everything' they thought they knew about food, and it taught them 'more about nutrition in an hour' than they had 'learnt in a lifetime'. 

Food, Mood and Wellbeing

From £399 for up to 15 people

Durations: 2 hours

Delivered at your venue or online

Certificate valid for 3 years

Designed for:

Anyone interested in how our diet influences our physical and mental wellbeing. Parents, carers, healthcare professionals, support workers and those preparing food for themselves or others would all benefit.



  • Basic overview of necessary nutrition

  • Busting common diet myths

  • Benefits of a varied diet on gut microbiome

  • How what we eat influences our physical and mental health

  • The brain-gut relationship

  • Using food to boost our immune system

  • How our sleep influences our overall health

  • The importance of exercise and movement


Meet The Team

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Training Manager 

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Mental Health Trainer 

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Wellbeing Trainer

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First Aid Trainer 

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Education Trainer 

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