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Steve has a diverse background in training and facilitating learning. He describes himself as a eclectic trainer, drawing experience from his years as project manager, creative practitioner, Erasmus+ trainer, youth worker and music maker.


Steve is the founder of Coyote Initiatives - a non-profit organization supporting music & film community projects and improving corporate communication through specialist training.


Steve is interested in improving outcomes for individuals through creative learning and engagement. He has designed & led over 50 international courses and events for the Erasmus+ project, supporting trainers, teachers, educators & youth workers to improve the quality of their approaches, collaborate and share ideas.

He has worked closely with care providers to deliver Sound Memories sessions, helping people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia improve their wellbeing. His Electrolabs work supports young people to nurture their musical talents, develop life skills and express themselves in a safe and creative way.


Recently, Steve has been keen to use his non-formal facilitation skills to enhance work settings. Non-formal education steps away from the traditional ‘classroom’ approach to learning, encouraging learners to take the lead and learn by participation. This has been shown to improve information retention and is usually considered far more enjoyable by all involved. Steve’s courses feel more like workshops, with plenty opportunity to test techniques and connect with peers. Join him on our Resilience at Work course. He also takes lead on helping your staff maximise their potential by adopting a non-formal approach to training on our soon-to-be-released Trainer Skills courses, and How to Hold Interesting Meetings courses.

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