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We Are CCT

We care about care

With a collective experience of over 100 years in care, our training team offers a wealth of guidance, insight and expertise. Working in care is challenging and rewarding in equal measures; we want to support your team to provide the best care possible.

Established in 2020, CCT has two aims; 1) to improve care standards across the third sector by providing high quality training delivered by experienced professionals, and 2) to offer training in a truly flexible manner.


We do this by working with freelance trainers across multiple disciplines, all with extensive experience relating to their subject matter, to help educate and inspire your teams. Care is provided 24/7 and we believe that we should apply that same flexibility to training care workers. We can offer courses 7 days per week, 365 days per year, online and in person. Whatever your schedule demands, we can fit around you. 

Teacher Instructing

Inspiring Speakers

A great trainer does more than simply educate - they infuse their courses with empathy and enthusiasm for their subject matter. We look for trainers who are also great storytellers, to make sure that attendees enjoy their day, and are therefore more likely to retain their learning.

Wall Clock

Flexible Hours

You can choose your preferred date and time for any of our courses. To date, we have provided online courses to staff during waking overnight shifts, slotted talks into in-service days, and broken courses down into hourly chunks to fit around complex rotas. We appreciate how difficult it can be to rearrange staffing to accommodate training. Let us help you remove some of the scheduling headache.    


Multiple Formats

Whether you want you course delivered at your venue, at our venue, online, live, or pre-recorded, we will be able to format a course to suit your learning styles and resources.

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