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Care Values

What does it mean to be a carer? Better yet, what does it mean to be a great carer? Join us in an interactive day of discussing the qualities, skills and core values that will help your services excel.

"Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person" -anon. 

Having the right skills, tools and understanding is essential for anyone working in care and since this is such a diverse topic we want to tailor this course specific to the needs of your team.  This course is a brilliant addition to your induction processes and has elements of self-esteem and team building to increase staff morale. You'll find a list of potential content suggestions below, which will be discussed with you in advance, and adjusted to capture your specific objectives. 

 NB Prices below relate to on site delivery but modified versions are available online. We appreciate that accommodating large numbers at your venue may be affected by social distancing guidelines. Contact us for amended prices for smaller on site groups.  

Care Values, Skills, Tools and Techniques

From £699

for up to 12 pp

Duration: 6 hours

Delivered online, or at your venue

Certificate valid for 2 years

Designed for:

Carers, support workers, personal assistants, volunteers and agency care staff. 

Content (will vary depending on course length, suggestions below):

  • General care values, or values of your organisation

  • Legislation, care standards, policies and procedures

  • Care planning using MAP and PATH systems

  • Goal setting

  • Risk assessing

  • Condition specific awareness (e.g. learning disability, autism, epilepsy, dementia)

  • Promoting independence

  • Duty of care

  • Promoting healthy choices

  • Improving sleep

  • Mental health awareness

  • How diet effects mood and behaviour

  • Group activities, discussions, case studies, practical activities

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