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Audience and Lecturer

Bespoke Courses

At CCT, we understand that the needs of your service are as unique as the clients you support. It can be difficult to find courses that tick all the correct boxes. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team and would be delighted to match you with a trainer who can help you fill those training gaps. 

Personalised and Professional

Please use our Contact & Book button in the menu bar to send us an email about your course requirements and we will arrange a time to discuss this with you in more detail. 

Giving us an indication of the following can speed up the process:

  • Name of course/subject matter

  • Number of participants

  • Role of participants in your organisation (eg nursery nurses, teachers)

  • Venue details

  • Length of course

  • If an assessment is preferred

Please note, there are limitations to courses we can provide, as we will only design and deliver courses where we have an experienced professional available. Our team can offer expertise drawn from the following areas:

  • Nursing

  • Social work

  • Trauma Support

  • Paramedic science

  • Psychology

  • Volunteering

  • Counselling, CBT

  • Mental health 

  • Sleep counselling

  • Health & social care 

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