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Mental Health

Tailored to your team, we deliver mental health training in the following forms:

  • Building Resilience 

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Mental Health for Young People

  • Trauma Training


Dispel the stigma

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue of some kind each year, and 1 in 6 will experience a common mental health problem each week. If we suffer a period of poor physical health (e.g. a broken bone) most people would be quick to access medical support, so why do we not apply the same level of urgency to periods of low mental health? These courses will challenge stigma, raise awareness and educate staff about how to support each other, or those whom they care for, and improve mental well-being for all. 

This courses are designed and delivered by our mental health expert, who draws experience from a career spanning nursing, trauma recovery and supporting young peoples' mental health.  


NB Prices below relate to on site delivery but modified versions are available online. We appreciate that accommodating large numbers at your venue may be affected by social distancing guidelines. Contact us for amended prices for smaller on site groups.   

Building Resilience

From £699 

for up to 12 people

Duration: 6 hours

(3 hour introductory workshop now also available)

Delivered online or at your venue

Certificate valid for 2 years

Designed for:

Employers and employees alike, interested in fortifying their team by exploring and increasing their personal and group resilience skills. This course has been adapted to help support staff who have their working lives disrupted by the coronavirus and will teach them what happens to us when stress becomes a problem, the tools and techniques proven to increase personal resilience in the face of adversity, increase mental clarity, reduce anxiety and improve mental wellbeing.



  • • Understand the meaning of resilience and the behaviours that can build resilience
    • Be aware of the significant impact of COVID-19 on people’s resilience
    • Learn the science behind stress and anxiety
    • Identify their own symptoms of stress becoming a problem for them
    • Learn evidence-based tools that help both in the moment and long-term
    • Identify how they feel, think and behave when they feel resilient
    • Have time to practice the tools
    • Reflect on what could support them in their work/personal life and build a “resilience toolkit” unique to them

Resilience Modules

From £299 per module for up to 12 people

Duration: 2 hours

Delivered online or at your venue

Certificate valid for 2 years

Designed for:

Individuals who wish to strengthen their resilience to better cope with personal or work related challenges. 



Coping with Stress 1

  • What is stress?

  • Recognising when pressure it becoming a problem

  • In the moment strategies that can help

Coping with Stress 2

  • The science of happiness

  • Making our own happy chemicals

  • Long term strategies that can help

CBT 1 - Unhelpful Thinking Styles

  • Introduction to the Unhelpful Thinking Styles

  • Identify which ones you tend towards

  • The power of being aware of your thoughts

  • The STOPP Technique as a way to challenge these thoughts

CBT 2 - Challenging Thoughts

  • Going deeper into the 5 stage CBT model

  • Identifying and categorising thoughts/emotions/physical symptoms/behaviours

  • Challenging these thoughts

  • Using a self-talk monitor to create positive thoughts unique to you

Ways of Wellbeing

  • Learn about the 5 ways of wellbeing

  • Recognise the ones you already do

  • Plan how you could introduce new ones

  • Practice some of the 5 ways of wellbeing with other carers in the session

Breathing and Taking Notice

  • The science of breathing and how it can help

  • Practice breathing techniques

  • Practice grounding and mindfulness

  • Plan how you could fit this into your life

Self Care for Carers

  • Recognise your skills as a carer

  • How can we use these skills for our own self care

  • The categories of self care

  • The barriers to self care

  • Plan your own self care in the context of your caring role

Habit formation

  • Healthy/unhealthy habits

  • Understanding the anatomy of a habit - the habit loop

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Healthy habit formation

  • Realistic habit planning for your life


  • What we can and can't control

  • The theory of the locus of control

  • Personal values

  • Healthy personal boundaries

  • How to set healthy personal boundaries

  • Plan a specific boundary you are going to put into your life

Mental Health Awareness

From £699

for up to 12 pp

Duration: 6 hours

Delivered online, or at your venue

Certificate valid for 2 years

Designed for:

Everyone. This course can help individuals support themselves and people of all ages. Workers need to have more of an awareness of mental health conditions. There is a building mental health crisis at this time, due to coronavirus, which make this introductory course all the more relevant. 



  • Understand the difference between mental health conditions and mental health wellbeing

  • Understand the concept of recovery in mental health

  • Recognise the stigma that exists around mental health

  • Learn the signs, symptoms and causes of common mental health conditions and how living with these conditions may affect a person.

  • Share tools that can support people with mental wellbeing

  • Feel more confident to support others and themselves, knowing what mental health services and resources are available

Mental Health for Young People

From £699

for up to 12 ppl

Duration: 6 hours

Delivered online, or at your venue

Certificate valid for 3 years

Designed for:

People caring for children and young people; teachers, parents, carers, social workers, youth group leaders.



  • Introducing common mental health problems that affect young people, e.g. depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, panic attacks, stress

  • Signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions

  • Causes

  • Influencing factors, e.g. gender, race, culture

  • How to support young people with their mental health

  • When to seek professional help

Trauma Training


Coming soon. 

Meet The Team

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Training Manager 

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Mental Health Trainer 

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Wellbeing Trainer

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First Aid Trainer 

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Education Trainer 

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