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Michael Adair



Michael has been working in care for the past four decades in a diverse range of roles. After beginning his career in nursing, Michael decided to requalify as a Social Worker, with a particular interest in child development. Michael takes lead on our Protection of Children course development.

As a Neurological Social Worker, Michael has supported many families in crisis at Great Ormond Street, London.

Years later, Michael relocated to Edinburgh and began working for City of Edinburgh Council as a Social Worker for disabled children. Michael went on to gain the Practice Teaching in Social Work Award, 2004, which has heavily influenced his approach to teaching. 


Moving forward, Michael joined the charity Epilepsy Scotland, where he continued to support people with disabilities and complex care needs. He completed his Sleep Counselling training, 1999, and CBT diploma, 2018, enabling him to run sleep clinics to this day, for children, teenagers and adults affected by sleep difficulties. You can join Michael to learn about the importance of sleep on our Sleep course. Michael also developed Positive Parenting workshops as a licenced trainer from 2006. While at Epilepsy Scotland, his many accolades included Society Worker of the Year, 2010, and runner-up in the Social Worker of the Year awards in 2012. Indeed his work is often recognised and awarded, with Barnardo’s publicly acknowledging his ‘outstanding service to children and families’ in 2010.  

In more recent months, Michael has been following his passion for wellbeing inward, looking at the relationship between what we eat and how we feel. Working with the Edinburgh Fermentarium, Michael speaks animatedly about the benefits of fermented foods on our health. He completed a diploma in Gut Brain Axis in 2019 and shares his fascinating insight into these topics in our Food, Mood and Wellbeing course.

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