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Zoe works in one of Scotland’s leading mental health charities and has developed and delivered various wellbeing, mental health and resilience trainings with both charities and corporate companies. 


She has worked in the charity sector for more than 16 years and has a passion for seeing people leave her trainings with practical tools that they can use anytime and anywhere to improve their mental wellbeing. 

Zoe's experience working with young people with disabilities and trauma support make her an excellent lead on our Mental Health - Young People , and Trauma Support (coming soon) courses. You will also find her running some of our Epilepsy Awareness courses, having worked 10 years in this area. 


What makes her stand out is her passion to explain the science and biology behind all the tools she teaches; all of which are evidence-based, tried and tested. 


Alongside medical training, Zoe is trained in non-formal educational learning and delivery which engages participants in experiential learning, covering as many learning styles as possible. Her enthusiasm and expertise shines through every course and staff are sure to respond well to her fresh, inspiring content. 

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